Monday, May 08, 2006

Question #5 from Mr. Lancaster's Class:

Last time you told us the immature mastodont was approximately 9 feet tall at the shoulder, how tall would a full grown mastodont be?


Blogger Dr. Anthony L. Swinehart said...

Because the Scrivens Mastodont was a "teenager", he was pretty close to being as tall as he would be as a fully mature animal. He might havwe grown another foot or so. However, he would have gained a lot more body mass and weight as he matured.

One reason we knew the mastodont was immature was that the bones were not fully formed or fused. We see similar situations in human babies where the skull is not fully fused and retains a lot of soft cartilage. As they grow and get older, the bones grow together and fuse. This is what would have happened to the Scrivens Mastodont had it not died at a relatively early age.

Dr. Swinehart

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