Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Our Project: Through classroom studies and research with Mr. Losik in their Infotech classes, students in Mrs. Miles' and Mr. Lancaster's classes at Bentheim Elementary and students in Mrs. Hansen's and Mrs. Westra's classes at Blue Star Elementary have been learning all about prehistoric Michigan.

It is time to turn to the experts, the people who have dedicated their work to uncovering our world's natural history. Dr. Anthony Swinehart, an associate professor of Biology at Hillsdale College, specializes in the study of prehistoric environments. He is director of the GH Gordon Biological Station.

Dr. Swinehart is also the principle coordinator and project manager of the Scrivens Mastodont dig. He has been gracious enough to lend his knowledge as the fourth graders ask questions about the dig and pre-historic Michigan.


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