Wednesday, April 19, 2006

How tall do you estimate this mastodon was at the time of its death?

Question from Mrs. Hansen's Class


Blogger Dr. Anthony L. Swinehart said...

The Scrivens Mastodont was a large, immature male. It was sort of like a "teenager". We know it wasn't fully mature, because the joints of the bones were not fully formed. Although, not fully mature, the Scrivens Mastodont would likely have been about 9 feet (3m) tall at the shoulders. Perhaps you could have your teacher get a photo of a mastodont and tranfer it to an overhead transparency, and then project it on the fall at actual size (9 ft at shoulders). The you could stand next to the mastodon to see how big it really was. You might have to do this in the gymnasium if your ceiling isn't high enough in your classroom.

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